FHEO, what in the world is this acronym?! "For His (or Her) Eyes Only" is Pivotal Image's specialized section of boudoir photography. Boudoir is defined as a woman's bedroom or private room. In the world of photographic art, boudoir is better defined as a private session that exhibits the beauty of the subject in her natural form. These shoots may take place in a private room or in a beautiful location within nature, there are no limits!

Boudoir photography is an art that takes time to develop, not just during the session or in editing afterwards, but in studying the use of the right poses, lighting, and props long before the shoot ever takes place. Creating such art requires a sense of comfort between the subject and the artist. As the photographer for these shoots, I am committed to creating a comfort and trust level between my clients and myself to ensure the experience is intimate, yet fun, all the while the images captured
are purely classy and romantic in nature.

These private shoots are often used as gifts for significant others, but some of the most memorable have been eye-opening, self-motivating, and empowering gifts, all for my clients! I love creating art with images and only share those that make you feel amazingly beautiful, when you want to share your beauty with the rest of the world!