Hi there, and welcome! My name is Tara, and I am the artist behind the name and lens. My shoots are sexy, fun, and unlike any you've experienced before. I shoot with the sole purpose of exposing YOUR beauty, to you and yours.  Whether you are looking to treat yourself or your significant other, you've come to the right place!

How did I get here? Well, my interest in boudoir photography began in 2007 when I was the subject of my very own boudoir shoot; and let me tell you, I was a nervous wreck! Scantily clad in the back woods
of a military base, makes for an excitingly nervous time!

After my experience on the other side of the lens, and then falling in love with the feeling I had after seeing MY images, I knew I wanted to help other women feel how I felt! So I picked up a camera and actively began learning how to shoot. I started with military homecomings and families, but I knew pretty quickly that I wanted to specialize in boudoir photography, for ALL women. Being a woman of not quite the "ideal model size", I knew it was important to make it a great experience for all women. Because we are women exuding so much radiant light and love, and that deserves to be captured as a reminder for ourselves, for years to come!

I knew the boudoir genre was not as easy as picking up a camera and photographing beautiful women, it was an art! So I began to actively study the art of boudoir photography, in 2008, with some of the best boudoir photographers in the nation. After studying and living in Wisconsin for a year, I opened a studio where I began experimenting with the posing, lighting, instruction, and collaboration between my clients and I. I was amazed at the images we captured during our collaborations and later published a book with a business partner, to illustrate not only the beauty of my clients but the beauty of a local lounge used as the backdrop as well!

This is a brief (was it really brief? ha) idea of where boudoir entered my life and how excited I am about this art and helping boudoir enter yours. I have the utmost respect for the art and will always strive to capture your sexiness in the most stunning images possible!